Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quit hiding

Normally, in nature, when an animal is hiding, it is perceiving some sort of threat...right? Fear of being chased...torn open by some larger animal...maimed. It's an act of survival. When an animal is out foraging for food and hears something remotely resembling a stops what it's doing and holds still. If the noise will run and hide. If they don't hear anything but still senses will run and hide. Hiding is nature's way of staying alive. An animal hides because they're afraid.

Strictly speaking by observation...I'm not a squirrel.

However, I do think humans have the same tendencies. I more than 'think', I KNOW.

Last week, I had lunch with a woman I had recently met. She is 6 feet tall and all of it positive energy. Beautiful woman in her late 50's, but looked like she was in her 40's. She has a glow of life about her that if you didn't notice right away...she will make you notice. She is a very vibrant, woman with powerful energy. The first time I shook her hand, I could feel her reading me. She held on to my hand and made eye contact for a long time. I remember thinking...whatever you do, don't let go of her hand and don't move your eyes away from hers...she senses fear.

As we spoke and I opened up more about my life, she told me...


My first reaction was...I'm not hiding. Then, as it sunk in...I knew she was right. I knew this woman I had only known for a few hours had me pegged. She told me I was too beautiful :) to be hiding away and that it was time for me to reinvent myself. She was right. I'm at the crossroads right now of some financial changes that are FORCING me into a personal re-evaluation.

How many times have I done this?

Many...and I'll be doing it many MORE times. I've come out of hiding so many times in so many ways, and every time I do, I gain experience and confidence. Is it scary? HELL YES! Is it worth it? HELL YES! Every time I do I come out of it looking back at who I was and I'm glad I did it. The process sucks. It hurts. It's torture. It's pain. It's worth it.

So I tell my readers...